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CONGRATULATIONS To The 2022 Transformation Challenge Top Winners!!!

1st place male: Andrew Narjes (-45 lbs)

1st place woman: Laura Narjes (-33.4 lbs)

1st place senior: Lana Speer (-20.4 lbs)

Combined these 3 lost a total of 98.8 lbs!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS To Our Transformation Challenge Runner Up Winners!!!!

2nd place male: Rashaan Vaughn (-31.0 lbs)

2nd place woman: Aubrey Lavato (-21.2 lbs)

2nd place senior: Walt Egging (-14.6 lbs)

Combined these 3 lost a total of 66.8 lbs!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS To Our Most Attended Instructor Led Class Participant:

Betty Sauder (56 classes attended!!!!!)

These are just our top performers, everyone did an amazing job and we are all so very proud!!!!

Great job!!!!!!

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